Veruca Salt: Quintessential Member of Congress


Merry Christmas to the American Middle Class! After rejecting a bi-partisan compromise from the Senate, House Republicans are no longer holding your payroll taxcut extension hostage.  The party of tax cuts ceded late last night and voted to extend the cut — keeping your taxes from going up an average of $1,000 – $1,500 next year.  Of course, this is only good for 2 months.

For the casual observer, this 112th Congress has looked less like a distinguished legislative body and more like children fighting over toys in a sandbox.

Unfortunately the inability of these children to play together is having a deleterious effect on our economy, the future solvency of our nation, and our political process. 

Pure folly…but for the fact that it’s far more serious than that. What our political leaders are now doing can only be desribed as a wilfull ignorace to the looming economic disaster ahead of us complimented by an arrogance so large it rivals the size of Governor Rick Perry’s state of Texas.  

Which gets me thinking about who really makes up this 112th Conress and what should be done about it.  Enter Veruca Salt.  You may recall her as the egocentric-regressed, insolent little brat from the film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s “Charlie & the Charlie Factory” in the better known 1971 film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

A brat unchecked...sometimes gets elected.

Little Miss Veruca is downright abusive to her indulgent father in her pursuit to obtain the Golden Ticket.  Well, she gets it and, like the other kids, greed and a lack of respect for the rules typify their behavior once inside the Chocolate Factory…much like Congress.  In the halls of Congress, the “children” are fed by special interest monies and concern themselves only with their parties’ agendas and the agendas of the aforementioned special interest groups. 

The Golden Ticket, as mentioned, wasn’t enough.  In what turns out to be her undoing, Veruca enters the room where the geese lay golden eggs.  Singing “I Want It Now” Veruca openly loots one of the golden eggs only to find herself deemed a “bad egg” by Wonka’s quality control instrument “The Eggdicator” and is, shall we say, “vacated” from the Chocolate Factory.

What members of Congress have failed to recognize for nearly the last half century is that the American Middle Class IS the Golden Egg.  Then again, maybe they do actually recognize this and have chosen to take it for granted or use for their own selfish means (re-election).  Either way, the concentration of power and wealth in our nation, the corrupting influence of campaign money, and our own political complacency has afforded Congress this arrogant ability to behave…like Veruca Salt.

Rated among 68% of voters as "BAD."

In a recent poll conducted by Rasmussen, the approval rating for Congress is at an ALL-TIME low of 6%.  Among those surveyed 68% gave Congress a “Poor” rating.  How an institution held in such disregard continue to behave the way it does without consequence is beyond me. 

Here’s hoping the upcoming 2012 primary elections and the general election will serve as our own electoral quality control and we begin to remove these bad eggs.


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