Anything Short of “Justice” Isn’t Cause for Celebration

george-zimmerman-accused-of-second-degree-murderGiven the high profile coverage — and polarizing nature — of the George Zmmerman trial, it was inevitable statements would be made that just could not pass the cringe test with me.

One such statement was made from a very faith-filled, Christian friend on a social networking site who declared, “Justice! Good night y’all!”  Just. Like. That.

Is that what justice looks like?  And should we be so glib about it?

I suppose I’m one of those who betrays both the “self-defense” camp and those who asserted intentional “murder.”  Do I believe George Zimmerman had a right to self-defense? Yes.  I also believe he, through an act of willful stupidity, put himself in an unnecessary position of “self-defense.” Did Zimmerman set out to murder Trayvon Martin? Probably not.  However, his wanton disregard of the 911 dispatcher’s instructions and use of a racial epithet that I haven’t heard used in years indicated to me that Zimmerman was looking for trouble.

This trial has become a platform for those who…well, those who need a platform.  Queue the conceal-carry advocates along with gun control advocates.  We cannot do without those — both white and black — who profit by fanning the fires of racial tension.  And let us not forget the most important player in it all:  The 24 hour cable news cycle with all of their “legal experts” weighing in to keep our minds occupied in their manufactured circus.

Despite the extremely bizarre opening argument made by Defense Counsel, Don West, he happened to be one who probably had the best analysis of the trial verdict when he declared, “Nobody won here.”

A seventeen year old young man had his life taken from him.  A mother and father lost a son.  And sadly for them, even a “guilty” verdict against Zimmerman will not bring Trayvon back.  Was this justice?

George Zimmerman, for whatever you think of him, will have to live with this for the rest of his life.  Perhaps that may give solace to those who believed he “got away with murder.”  But what if everything he and his defense team claim was true?  What if Zimmerman is racked with remorse day after day after day?  Does this constitute justice?

Today violent crimes perpetrated by blacks on blacks goes virtually unnoticed.  The number one cause of death among African American men between the ages of 15-34:  Homicide.*  And yet when it’s white-on-black or black-on-white crime we’re both captivated and agitated.  

If only we became captivated and agitated for all the right reasons.

Now that….That would be justice.

Good night, y’all.




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