With a combined experience of nearly twenty years in the political arena and in working for two Catholic social service organizations, author Jason D. Christensen has worked with people all across the political and theological spectrum. 
 The polarization of American society — especially in our political process and among people of faith — is of particular concern to Christensen.  A growing sense of “moral certainty” about one’s beliefs without regard for others and an unwillingness to examine issues in their totality have eroded any sense of civility in our discourse. 

Live Differently seeks to bring civility to our public conversation and prompt readers to dig deeper into public policy and matters of faith.  He has a particular affinity for the story of St. Francis of Assisi and the wolf of Gubbio:  Seeking to understand is the antidote to conflict. 


“The strength of the wolf is the pack. The strength of the pack is the wolf.” — Rudyard Kipling

Christensen’s political philosophy is generally libertarian; however, he describes himself as a “Teddy Roosevelt Republican crossed with a Bobby Kennedy Democrat.”  Neither of these towering political figures would likely be welcome by their respective parties to date.

Christensen is passionate about poverty issues and matters of social justice.  He believes that the free-market is the best vehicle to elevate people out of poverty; however a free-market must respect the dignity of the human being and not exploit people for the sole purpose of profit.

In the summer of 2010, Christensen traveled across the United States by way of bicycle promoting Catholic Charities USA’s “Campaign to Reduce Poverty.”  His experiences were documented in his blog, www.cyclingforchange.wordpress.com.

Christensen is a resident of Denver, Colorado and, though raised in the midwest, has become a westerner at heart.  He is an avid hockey player, cyclist, and loves to play with wolves.  His greatest calling, however, is father to his two daughters.


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