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A New Year…And a Promise

My Peace is My Promise.

2011 was not without event of historical significance.  Spring broke out in powerful way in the Arab world.  An earthquake and tsunami shook a nation that had ripple effects on the global economy.  Speaking of economies…Europe teetered on economic collapse and our own economy showed little signs of life as unemployment remained high and possibly higher given the number of Americans who simply “gave up” and are no longer considered part of the labor market.  We became “Occupied.”  And let us not forgot the killing of Osama Bin Laden just 3 months before the 10th Anniversary of the attacks of 9/11.

2012 will likely continue in that vein.  Will we vote to retain the President or will we select someone new?  Will the economy ever rebound?  Or will we just take in London’s Summer Olympics as a distraction from the pressing issues before us? These are volatile times politically, economically, environmentally.  And unfortunately we seem to be in this collective denial.

With every New Year comes that introspective exercise of making resolutions which typically entails some form of weight loss and/or exercise.  Sometimes it’s repairing relationships.  Maybe it’s a career change. For many Americans the anxiety of these times leaves us bargaining with God and grasping for that which gives us security.

With this New Year, perhaps it would serve us all well to consider God’s resolution for us.  And just what exactly is that?  A few years ago I came across something that I believe captures His promise for us and it comes in the form of some previously unpublished lyrics by the inconic folk singer, Woody Guthrie and it’s aptly titled, “God’s Promise.”

“I didn’t promise you skies painted blue. Not all colored flowers all your days through.  I didn’t promise you sun with no rain.  Joys without sorrows…peace withouth pain.

All that I promise is strength for this day.  Rest for my worker and light on your way. I give you truth when you need it, my help from above.  Undying friendship….My unfailing love.”

Guthrie passed in 1967; however, many of his writings live on thanks to the work of modern day artists.  Thanks to Ellis Paul, “God’s Promise” was wonderfully put together to music for all to enjoy:

As for me, my New Year’s resolution is to be keenly aware of God’s promise in my life and in the lives of others.  Not everything will work out the way we want it in 2012 or in 2013 for that matter.  However, things will work out through God the Father.

My wish for you is a healthy, joy-filled 2012.

Peace & blessings,



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